Everything you need to know when buying a Skylight

Everything you need to know when buying a Skylight – Hi-Tech Glass

A room is not a room without natural light – Louis Kahn

Are you looking for something new to refresh your home? Are you yearning for extra light in the house or simply looking to add extra value to your property?

We at Hi-Tech Glass LTD are a professional and expert team who are on hand to provide you with skilled and sound advice regarding anything from installation queries, the right materials to be used and products that are both right for your property and aesthetic needs.

We are proud to be able to offer you a full customer service experience from consultation to the final finished effect.

So, before you get started, what do you need to know when buying a skylight or roof lights?

Everything you need to know when buying a Skylight – Hi-Tech Glass
Everything you need to know when buying a Skylight – Hi-Tech Glass

1/ Work to the Contours of your Room

Positioning and functionality are key. Deciding the feel and overall look you want from your skylights and room is essential.

So, before we get going, you need to decide what effect you want from your skylight and roof lights on what impression you want it to make to your home or property.

2/ The Logistics and Regulations

will it work? Would you like the skylight to be retractable? Will it feasibly be able to be installed in your chosen area? Understanding the technical side of this can be complex and daunting

Do not let that affect your decision. We can help. Ensuring your skylight is installed safely and to the required standards is what we know.

We at, Hi-Tech Glass can assess if it will be structurally sound, if it will withhold against aggressive weather conditions and whether it requires any permits or additional input.

3/Energy Efficient

Installing a Skylight, while aesthetically pleasing, can also be an incredible saving on utility bills and lowing your carbon footprint.

With extra warmth and light coming into your property, customers have been known to really notice a difference in the overall expenditure of running their home.

When ordering and installing a skylight, it is never ‘one size fits all’. The beauty of this kind of feature is that it works the shape of your home and to your style.

We create a bespoke product and service that works for you.

Flat roof, slopping, pyramid or round; no matter what you are after, we will work with you to find a skylight that suits your style, while adhering to the logistics of sizing your roof shape and your budgetary requirements; all to get you the finished product you are after.

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